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fun  time.


to  day  I  had   A   Esdor  hat  prade.  wot  wos  yor  favrit  thing  to  day?  my  faverit  thing  to  day  wos  wen  Mr. O'Kan  
dresd  up  as  the  Esdor  buny.  any  thick  als?  yes I  like the  Esdor  eggs.  from  bridget I am  6. I  cum  from  Australia.
ps  any thick  als? yes  Esdor  hats  and  wining  rafall - tickit  pris  aws  is  litall.

Today I had an Easter hat parade. What was your favourite thing today? My favourite thing today was when Mr. O'Kane dressed up as the Easter Bunny. Anything else? Yes, I like the Easter eggs. From Bridget, I am 6. I come from Australia.
P.S. anything else? Yes, Easter hats, and winning raffle ticket prise – ours is little.

The girls made Easter bonnets for the parade, and we won a minor prize in the Easter raffle.

nyoo sduf.

New stuff.


I wet in grade 1. I hav a nyuoo teche in grade wun. her name is Mrs. Wall, and she is fun and play fall .
I doo cheer leading, it ges hudor  and ges hudu ich day.
the ginee-pigs hav moovd in awroom  becaus it fludid. nowe room dawn sdes becaus it fludid. from bridget i em six.

I went in grade 1. I have a new teacher in grade one. Her name is Mrs. Wall, and she is fun and playful.
I do chearleading; it gets harder and gets harder each day.
The guinea-pigs have moved in our room because it flooded. [There is] no room down stairs because it flooded. From Bridget, I am six.

the days of the days that I didit doo.

The days of the days that I didn't do.


the 1st.
on  monday.
it wove Raneing so I met in the clusroom.
the 2ooth.
desbroa the maws.

the 3rd.

The 1st.
On Monday.
It was raining so I met in the classroom.

The 2nd.
[We read] Despereaux the Mouse.

The 3rd.

blog day.


I did  A  blog  at  sgool  it  woth  fun.
by  bridget.
hath  you  evu  blogd  befoor.

I did a blog at school; it was fun.
By Bridget.
Have you ever blogged before?

to day woth fun.


I  made  A  book  coold  sumu  sbring  by  Bridget  I  em  six.

I made a book called "Summer Spring". By Bridget, I am six.

Front Cover
Front Cover:
To Mr Napier, love Bridget Ke.
Summer Spring.
By Bridget Kerwin
Illustrated by Bridget Kerwin.
Summer day, a person went walking.
And found a tree. It was a rainbow tree.
It was a beautiful tree.
Then they went to the park... down the water slide.
They had fun.
The end of the story.
Covers opened
Covers opened

it wos fun


to  day  I  had  a  dinu  dawn - sdes  it  wos  fun  by  bridgey  I  em  six.

Today I had dinner downstairs; it was fun. By Bridgey, I am six.

my dirye.

My Diary


I   made  A  cone  with  papue  and  craones  from  bridget.
I  hat  to  take  All  And  I  like  my  pichu.
wot  doo  you  plae. gtu.  buby.  lagoe - set.
haw  doo  japnye  tok  and  sa  halo  this  is  haw  tha  sa  halo  in  japnyes.

I made a cone with paper and crayons; from Bridget.
I had to take all[?], and I like my picture.
What do you play? Guitar, Barbie, Lego set?
How do Japanese talk and say hello? This is how they say hello in Japanese.

Pladat at Lexy

Play-date at Lexy's


I  wet  to   Lexy  haws  foar  A  pla - dat   it  wos  fun.    by    Bridget K  Luv.
I  em  6

I went to Lexy's house for a play-date; it was fun. By Bridget K. ♥
I am 6.

day ov ut

Day of Art


I  made  A  timcshwall  to  day  Is  monday  by  Bridget.   I  got  nyoo  wotproof  shoos  I  em  6.

I made a time capsule; today is Monday, by Bridget. I got new waterproof shoes. I am six.

Soacis Day ov Fun

Circus Day of Fun


I  mad  A  tet  to  day  wif    ropes   and   A blackite  by  bridget  Iluvu .    I  plad  seckis  mery  woth  A  tichu   I  woth   A  sjudit

on  sunda  by  bridget  I   em  six.

I made a tent today with ropes and a blanket. By Bridget, I love you. I played circus; Merry was a teacher, I was a student.

On Sunday, by Bridget. I am six.