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2020 recap


Today is January 1st, 2021. Last year was a crazy year not only because of COVID-19 and the
bush fires but in life. This year one of my friends moved to a new high school. It wasn’t because
our school was bad it was just closer to where she lived. We still texted and we get to go out
together and hangout and just catch up on how weird her new school is. This year in term 2
we weren’t allowed to go to school, but it was nice. I got to hang out in my air-conned room,
and we got to go around to the servo for some lunches. I also got to call my friends to do
schoolwork with them. By the end of Term 2 we were back at school. Last year I was a junior
leader. I got to help create activities for the year eights and help in the orientation for this
year’s grade sevens. I also invited one of my friends to see my performance in drama. There
were ups and downs all last year and I hope this year might be better.

Bye Bridget.

I em 14.

Pictures for Art


Today I took some pictures for Art at school

Photos can be viewed in the Art Photos gallery.



We went out on a really long drive to Mt. Mee, and Petrie. We went to the servo for breakfast, and we had some Maccas for lunch. When we were on top of Mt. Mee it started to rain, Mez got out of the car and got drenched in the rain because the car wasn't under the roof properly. We then moved the car under the tiny roof properly and it started to hail, small hail. when it stopped hailing, but it was still raining when we drove to Strathpine Shops. The carpark there was really confusing but we found a park and went in. I got an Iced Volvo drink, Mez got a caramel late and dad got some Mother. We then got home and I went on youtube.



I got up at around 9am and mum asked me to call the hair dressers down the street to book a time and around 10:30. We walked down with my mum, and Mez and I got our haircut and then we went to Coles and got semi-permanent hair dye. My hair is red and Mez has aqua hair. We also got kababs.