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Hi blog again I haven’t written in a long time.

(us at the musical)

At Christmas 2016, I saw MATILDA THE MUSICAL!!!!!! It was cool and in January or February I auditioned but did not get in.

 But at least I got to watch 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊!!!!!!!

I am making YouTube videos of my own! Only problem is I don’t have a YouTube account. Such a bummer. But when I get one they will be the first thing I post (if YouTube still exists when I’m older)

Well it is Easter today and there were and still are lots of eggs.

Good by readers of my blog, it’s me Bridget 10 (turning 11)  and see ya latter.

Bridget CK


Bridget C. K.?

We saw this sign on a road trip we took whilst on our Easter holiday, and I promised to take a photo of it on the way back home. We got to it at about 7:30pm, after nearly half an hour of reading every creek and river name in the headlights.

Things I've done lately


Towday I went to Adrien`s house and swemm in his pool. We playd with his dog who`s realy jumpy.

Yestowday i wochd the light show and after that we lookd at some houses that w that came 1,2 and 3!

Over the holidays Idid BUMPER BALLS wich are big rond donas (not real donas) and then you clim in. Then bump eachother rol and have fone.

Today I went to Adrian’s house and swam in his pool. We played with his dog, who’s really jumpy.

Yesterday I watched the light show and after that we looked at some houses that came 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

Over the holidays I did bumper balls, which are big round doughnuts (not real doughnuts) and then you climb in, then bump each other, roll, and have fun.

How to Cartwheel




My family is nice and caring, and they help people. I love Mum and she loves me. My Daddy helps me and Mum.

One of Bridget’s homework tasks was to use Microsoft Word to write about her family, changing font sizes and colours.

Photo Walk


We (Bridget and I) recently went on a Google+ Photowalk. A selection of Bridget’s photos can be viewed in the Photo Walk 2013 gallery, or on Google+.